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Assemble chairs using the given budget. You can buy all the materials your heart desires: planks, beams, books - even cacti and bowling balls! Once you are satisfied with your creation, your customer will test and judge your build.  Unique levels, a creative mode, two customers and tons of building materials provide an endless amount of fun and expression! Chairades is attending the Gotland Game Conference 2020, this year hosted on itch.io due to the Covid-19 outbreak.


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Art by Natali Arvidsson (@ArvidssonNatali)
Art and Animation by Ana Laura Martinez (@AnaMtzz)
Code by Jan Plähn (@janplaehn)
Sound Effects by Gustav Randér (@Remedy_SCII)

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Install instructions

On Windows

Download and extract the zip file, then run 'Chairades.exe'

On Mac: Download and extract the zip file, then control+click 'Chairades' and then click 'open' 

On Linux: Download and extract the zip file, then run 'Chairades.x86_64'

(Note: If there is any problem with the Linux build, you can try to download the Windows build and run it under Wine)


Chairades GGC Demo_Windows.zip 68 MB
Chairades GGC Demo_Mac OS X.zip 74 MB
Chairades GGC Demo_Linux.zip 81 MB


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ahah so fun .. i want other stage

Thank you so much for playing! :) We are glad you liked it