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Stereo Driver

Stereo Driver is an experimental game made by Fat Duck Games  (Jan Plähn, Natali Arvidsson  and Ana Laura Martinez).

The player explores a procedurally generated terrain that changes with music played by a car radio, you can collect cassettes, which allow you to add a new song to the radio.
You can pick any license-free song from YouTube in game to explore how the world will express itself with it.
In addition to that, you can upload your own music files to the game.

* *
-Supports Xbox controllers or keyboard
-You can change some values in the options menu to improve your experience or performance, feel free to change them (press ESC or the menu button on your controller)


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Heya, it's me again! There seems to be a problem with YouTube integration not working all of a sudden, since early Friday morning. Whenever I try to search for videos now, it just gets stuck on "Loading..." without giving any results. I'm not actually sure if this is just me, or if it's something they've changed on their end. It's also affecting an older version of Stereo Driver I've kept around, back from mid July.

Also, the latest version seems to have a problem with importing local audio files? Whenever I try to import an audio file of any kind, the game freezes up on "Importing...". In the aforementioned older version, local files do import correctly (though files that are longer than 5 minutes seems to freeze the game).

(On a more positive note, I'm loving the huge mountainous terrain for the forest biome now! It's so fun to just drive and watch with everything bouncing up and down, ha ha!)


Ohh that’s not cool! We are sorry about that! :(  We will look into it! Thank you so much for the feedback and the report, we will try to fix it as fast as possible! 

We are glad to hear that you liked the update! We are planning to add a few more things to it! 😊


Hi Beed28!

It seems like there have been some changes made on Youtube's side, which meant that things were not working the way they should. However, both the Search as well as the Local File Import are fixed now, so you should be able to explore the worlds of Stereo Driver again!

Thank you so much for the feedback you gave, it really helped us out to fix things quickly!

No problem at all, and thanks for the quick fix! I can't wait to see what you have in store for later on.


This just became my favourite music visualizer game. Whereas most other games like this just restricted you to a track at a fixed pace, this games gives you complete freedom to drive around, and the fluid movements of the whole landscape makes it even more fun. :D I have a few suggestions though:

- An option to turn off the random biome shuffling and have a key button cycle it? I love driving in the forest and meadow biomes.
- Have bigger ground movements launch you into the air?
- More biomes, maybe? A city or even a seabed would be fun.


Thank you so so much! ^^ It makes us so happy to hear this :) Those are great points you mentioned and we'll look into them when we update the game! Thank you again! :)


It is a nice relaxing experience. We tested a few different songs and it was fun.


Of the 10+ songs I've tested this game with, C418's Sweden produces the most consistent effect, anyone reading this should give it a try!

Either way, a very good game with an interesting concept.

Honorable mention: A Hat in Time - Peace and Tranquility, also consistent in effect with the green meadows.


Really enjoyed the experience I had playing through three songs. Traversing the world feels fun and fluid, I wish I had a little more control (like a jump) or even small little pickups to accumulate a score, even without leaderboards it'd make it feel a little more gamey but overall a very solid foundation and would love to see this game expanded upon!

Thank you so much! We're glad you had fun and we feel honored to be featured on your channel :) 


Update: Search Make it Burn Dem and it pretty much makes the game freak out =)) and gives the weirdest terrain


I feel like I smoked something so this is VERY FUN... I would say.. keep it up, this has a lot of potential! I used sabaton and the world just jerked so violently sometimes , 11/10 Would smoke again. some more enviroments would be fun but the best things imho is making us able to mix the songs for god knows what stupidity!  =))

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Thanks! We're so glad to hear you enjoy it! :) 


Hello! Just tried out Stereo Driver. I like the concept, though I think a lot more could be done with it, for example more environments.

But most importantly, it shouldn't overwrite MP3 files. Had three of which turned into WAV files with their original versions non-retrievable. If you need more info, please let me know and I'll be glad to help.

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Thank you for your feedback and for letting us know! We'll have it fixed right away. Sorry about the files!

It's fixed! Again, sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for the heads up!